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Inspires, Educates, Promotes, and Facilitates the RAW Exploration of Feminine Energy


Within this realm there are no taboos. Expressing, exploring, and enjoying femininity is what we are all about, whether you are a genetic born girl or not.

This is Mistress Shelly, the creative spirit and driving force behind Studio Jezebel.

I started this company in 2000 with a dream to create the world’s largest feminization website. At the time, I had no idea what that meant, or the impact this endeavor would have on my life, or the many wonderful spirits that I have connected with since then.

I have learned many things along the way, including how feminine energy is suppressed worldwide, and the detrimental effect this has on humanity. The world is changing. We are emerging  as a collective and realizing we no longer have to live our lives in submission to narrow minded, self limiting, gender stereotypes or boundaries. We have a choice! 

Life is meant to be fun! Exploring ourselves as sexual creatures is our birthright! You owe it to yourself to let go and enjoy your experience in your own unique way. Here, you can do that, free of judgment. I encourage you to allow yourself to be human. Then and only then, can you experience pure bliss in a way you have only ever dreamed possible.

You have found your way here; intentionally or serendipitously, it is no accident. It’s your destiny to explore the power of Raw Feminine Energy.

Although this site began as a feminization fetish website, over the years it has evolved into much more than that. I have discovered for myself and my clients, there is much to be learned about who we are through exploring our fetishes. Sometimes, our fetishes are a window into our past; like a little subconscious nudge, they can ask us to remember something of significance. Other times, our fetishes reveal who we truly wish to be,  if only we would allow ourselves the freedom to let go and cut the chains that bind us.

This is an OPEN MINDED SPACE, FREE OF JUDGMENT! Within my realm you are free to be yourself.

All of the products created on this site are meant to help you EXPLORE your desires and discover who you truly are.

If you are a submissive male, longing for the sweetness of surrender while dreaming of being feminized by a powerful female Goddess, you have found your place. Welcome to my dominion.

If you are a T-Girl looking for ways to explore and enhance the girl within, I extend you a very warm welcome. Reach out to me through the blog, or email. I am always here for you, ready to help in any way I can.

I welcome you along for the journey. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at: shelly@studiojezebel.com


Owner & Creator of Studio Jezebel

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