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How To Curl Your Eyelashes



How to Curl Your Eyelashes Tutorial

Greetings Sissy! So, you’ve always wanted to know how to properly curl your eyelashes? Below is a video tutorial to help you out. I hope you like it!

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Cum Guzzling Sissy Slut

cum guzzling sissy slut

shemale eat your own cum

Cum Guzzling Sissy Slut

Greetings Sissy! I once read in Cosmo that every girl should know how she tastes… So, this Freak Flag Friday, I give you permission to check our your delicious cum. In fact, I command you to do it! Have a great weekend, sluts! See you next week.

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Treat Yourself to Pink!


shemale pink

Treat Yourself to Pink!

Greetings Sissies! This weekend, treat yourself to a little pink and see how feminine it makes you feel! I guarantee you’ll feel amazing! I suggest pink lipstick and pink lingerie. Pussy pink! Got it!?

Enjoy the holiday weekend.. I’m out of town.. see you next week!

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Adriana Lynn Rush: Tranny Pornstar

adrianna lynn rush

adriana lynn rush

Adriana Lynn Rush

What you do you guys think about Adriana Lynn Rush? I’ve  noticed she’s been the most downloaded Shemale on the site in the last few weeks, so I’m guessing you really like her? Ha ha. Check out her site below… CLICK HERE

Do comment below! Tell  me what you like most about her. I’m dying to hear from you, pet! :)

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See more of Adriana:

Choosing Foundation Makeup

choosing foundation makeup

choosing foundation makeup tutorial

Choosing the Right Foundation Makeup

Choosing the right foundation makeup for your skin can be a bit of a chore if you don’t know what you’re doing. Watch the video tutorial below to get some awesome tips about how to choose the right color for you. The last thing you want is a color that is too dark and looks caked on, or too light that doesn’t give you enough coverage. Enjoy the video! :)

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Sissy Story: Glory Hole & Pink Satin

sissy story

sissy story glory hole

Greetings Sissy! Here is an excellent sissy story! I received this email today from one of my favorite sissies, Sandy. Sounds like she had quite an amazing time the other night! Don’t you wish you could have as much fun as her? Ha ha.. you could!

feminization mistress

I am a veteran of Mistress Shelly’s Forced Feminization files – anything to do with sucking cock or dressing up and becoming the sissyslut of my dreams.  Best yet, being able to fulfill both my fantasies at the same time.  I wanted to relate a recent experience that made both of these fantasies a reality.

The other day, after listening to some of Mistress Shelly’s files in the background at work, I found myself horny as hell and wanting to get naughty as I could.  I have a pink satin chemise with pockets in the bra for breast forms that I purchased online.  I put on the chemise in my office under my drabby boy clothes, put my forms in my briefcase, and headed out.  In the parking garage I slipped the forms inside my chemise under my shirt, taking advantage of the dark that the recent changing of the clocks has offered.  Driving with my forms on was awesome, as I felt them press against the seat belt.  I felt so feminine and happy, and with my girls clothes on, I felt myself needing to fill my mouth with a nice hard cock, just as my glorious bimbo file has trained me.  I pulled into the adult video store, just a just short detour from home, got out of the car, and headed in.  my down coat was able to hide my big wonderful boobs (not for long!).

I headed into a booth, put in the card, dialed up some time, picked out a nice video of a woman sucking off a bunch of guys, and I imagined that I was her, pleasing man after man.  I shedded my coat, my shirt, and my pants – now I was in the booth just with my chemise filled out by my big beautiful breasts.  I waited patiently for a man to enter the booth next to me – didn’t take too long until the light came on from the video next door and I heard someone next to me. Here’s where Mistress Shelly’s training really kicked in — whereas previously I would be very shy an unable to initiate contact, just hoping that the man would stick his cock through, now I began to moan softly and motion with my hand and my tongue for what I wanted.

he quickly obliged, and I was rewarded for my effort with a nice hard cock right in my face!  I didn’t waste any time, caressing it in my hand, gently massaging it, and guiding it into my waiting salivating mouth! Then, it was like rockets going off in my head – once I felt my mouth filled up with that cock, that beautiful warmth and simultaneous softness and hardness, my own cock sprang to attention, again, just like I was trained, to feel pleasure when I give pleasure.  I practiced all the techniques I learned, and found myself moaning without even realizing it.  pretty soon, I felt him start to pull back, but like a hungry animal I sucked him back into my mouth, and soon felt that tightening feeling, warning me of what was coming.  No sooner did he cum than I also came, without even touching myself!

It used to be, that after I was satisfied, I would feel that familiar remorse and shame creep in, erasing whatever pleasure I previously felt. Again, with Mistress Shelly’s wonderful training and encouragement, the only feelings I were bliss, satisfaction, a feeling of “rightness”, like I finally felt my calling, a cock-hungry cumslut, and then, sneakily, a growing desire to go again!

So I waited, and waited patiently, like a good submissive slut, for another man. When I heard that familiar sound of rustling next door, I again prepared myself to service another beautiful cock.  but before I could get on my knees, his hand and arm shot through, and he began to caress my cock through the chemise!  How wonderfully smooth and silky that felt. I then guided his hand up to my breasts, which he fondled and tweaked, and I felt for a moment as if those breasts were real, I felt so alive, feminine, and desirable!    He felt me up and down for a few minutes, before retreating back into his room, leaving me excited and trembling.

I just couldn’t bear to leave, but had to, but no way was I going to let these femme feelings fade!  I walked out of the store, with my forms still in and my drabby boy clothes over my chemise, all under my nice big concealing coat.   I thought I’d push my luck, and did a little shopping at a local supermarket!!! Nobody noticed (I hope), but I was constantly reminded of the pleasant and teasing jiggling under my coat with every step.  Maybe they did notice, but I didn’t care, I was reliving my experiences and already planning my next outing!!!

Sissy Sandy

sissy sandy

Sandy’s Top Picks!


Sissy Slut Training by Mistress

forced feminization

sissy slut

shemale sissy doll 3   shemale sissy doll 5

Ha ha.. for my little Sissy Sluts!

Greetings Sissy Slut! I found this image set while browsing tumblr and figured some of you would love them. I have to admit the mask feels totally creepy to me! However, the Mistress on the other hand is quite erotic. What do you think??? Would you love to explore an erotic fantasy of this nature? Let me know, and I may add it to the erotic feminizationaudio vault.

Just imagine yourself down on your hands and your knees. Ready to serve. Ready to obey. Mistress knows exactly what your heart desires. Mistress knows exactly what you need.


F-Machine On Sale! Spoil Yourself Sissy!



F-Machine On Sale! 11/20 – 12/31 – $749!

Oh SissyJust imagine how much fun you could have with this F-Machine! The possibilities are endless. It’s like having your very own sexy lover at your disposal! Suck that dildo, and then fuck yourself silly! I’d love to watch you on cam during a session and see what a good little slut you can be! Are you up for it? Treat yourself! BUY NOW

Product Description: The f-machine pro sex machine is extremely powerful and versatile, featuring an adjustable thrust rod length, adjustable thrust depth (1-6 inches), and adjustable front and rear legs to suit various positions.  Any Vac-U-Lock attachment can be fitted to the f-machine, giving it incredible versatility …something sorely lacking in many other sex machines.  
F-Machine Pro features a 60 watt industrial-grade motor with a mind-blowing top speed of 240 rpm (4 thrusts per second). 
Despite its impressive power and speed, it is nearly silent.
  • 60 watt 24V quiet, high-torque motor
  • soft-start speed controller (motor starts safely & slowly)
  • 0-240 rpm speed control
  • 6-position quick change crank arm (1-6“)
  • hand held remote control
  • virtually silent slider mechanism (even at full speed)
  • adjustable thrust rod length
  • clear plastic slider guard
  • adjustable leg height for various thrust angles
  • all major components machined from aircraft alloy
  • switchable power supply 100-110V or 220-240V
  • Doc Johnson Dildo Sold Separately

Purchase this machine through Mistress, and I’ll include a 8″ attachable dildo! :)

Kimber James Shemale Pornstar

kimber james

Kimber James – Shemale Pornstar

What can I say, I’ve always thought KJ is of the most beautiful T-girls. How inspiring! It seems she has undergone sexual reassignment surgery and now has a brand new, totally Femme Porn Site! In a message to her fans, KJ explains why she decided to have the sexual reassignment surgery. For those of you thinking about it, this is so inspiring:

I wanted to give you all some insight to why I made the decision to go through with the surgery, why I took time off, and why I decided to make a return to film. I always knew at some point I would be having the sex change, but wasn’t in any rush to do so until probably the last three or four years. I had the surgery paid for and scheduled for two years prior to me actually going though with it. I kept pushing the date back, because I was scared about my career, and what I would be doing with the rest of my life. But, my life had reached a point about two years ago and I knew it was the right time.

After having the surgery, I went home to my parents in Florida to recover for a few months. Only a handful of close friends knew I had actually had the surgery and where I was. I needed the time to reflect, and heal. My friend, Mia Lelani, and I were in Mexico celebrating the one-year anniversary of my surgery, when I made the decision to return to industry. Shortly after that, I was on a plane to Europe to film my Busty Adventures Amsterdam scenes.

I don’t know exactly what the future has in store for me. Right now, I’m going with the flow of things. I’ve been filming since I was 18 and now I’m 25, so my days in the adult industry could be numbered, but we shall see. One thing I’m sure of is my decision to have the sex change—I’m the happiest I’ve ever been! I’m much more in-tune with my body and more at ease, and I love sex now! Mind, body, and soul, it was right the decision for me. I really appreciate all of you hanging in there with me, and again all your support. Stay tuned for some AMAZING new content!!!!


How, super cool is that? I love the bit about mind, body, and soul sex! That’s amazing. Way to go Kimmie! We wish you all the best with your career and life in the future.

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Visit Her Website: CLICK HERE

If you want to see a ton of her movies visit the Studio Jezebel On Demand Movie Center

 Kimber James – Photo Gallery

kimber james shemale

Ha ha.. this is a super cute meme I found while browsing tumblr.

kimber james

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Shemale Sissy Webcam Casting Call

shemale sissy webcam

Join The SJ Shemale & Sissy Webcam Site Today!

Shemale Sissy Webcam Casting Call! 

Greetings Sissy Girls! I’ve got a very special announcement! I’m looking for shemales and sissy girls who are interested in working for me on my Playmates site! If you are interested CLICK HERE

How do you feel about becoming my little pimped out whore? Feels pretty exciting doesn’t it? Imagine getting all dressed up and being watched by thousands of people around the world, and making money while doing it! Sounds like tons of fun. Plus, I’ll be taking a share of your earnings, so you’ll essentially be my special little slut! I’m so excited. JOIN NOW Girls! You know you want to.

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shemale sissy webcam

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