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Eva Lin: Weekly Shemale



Eva Lin, Shemale of the Week!

What can I say. Is Eva gorgeous or is she GORGEOUS!? To see more of Eva Lin Visit her website: CLICK HERE

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eva lin pornstar

Sissy Cock Sucker Fap Roulette

sissy faproulette cock sucker

Sissy Cock Sucker Fap Roulette Game is Here!

Greetings Sissy Sluts! What could be better than a sissy cock sucker fap roulette game?? Try audio guided fap roulette! This game comes with a complete playing board. Either use your dice to choose your actions, OR simply load all of the audio tracks from whatever portion of the game you are playing into your media player and set it to “random.” Let the media player choose your next move for you.

This board contains 3 Main Categories.

1. Humiliation = Once you are all dressed up you will be forced to act out a humiliation.This category contains 10 plays.

Sample: Take sissified images of yourself and post them to Craigslist. Perhaps you will have an audience for the rest of your game plays…..

2. Fapping Assignments = Choose up to 5 fapping assignments. This category contains 15 plays.

Sample: It’s tea bagging time. Take the balls from your dildo, put them in your mouth. Lick them. Suck them! They taste so good. Imagine that you are sucking on a real cock. Gag yourself with those balls. Yummy, yummy balls…..

3. Get Ready to Cum! = Choose 1 Cumming assignment. This category contains 5 plays.

Sample: Take our your dildo and get it nice and wet. Then, straddle it. Lower yourself down on top of your dildo. Fuck it, hard! Imagine that your little ass is backed up against a glory hole. Fuck it…..

Each play consists of one audio track, with a total of 35 Audio Tracks for this game! Get Your Copy

Limited Time: Spend $300 or more and get the game for FREE! CODE: FREEFAP

feminization mistress

Also, this week: Save $25 on all orders over $150! Code: 012014TREATS

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Scent of a Woman: Choosing a Perfume

choosing perfume

choosing perfume

Scent of a Woman: Choosing a Perfume!

Of course if you want to be a woman, you will want to smell like one too! But how do you go about choosing the right perfume? Should you have a signature scent, or is it okay to wear several different scents?

Check out the video below for some great tips! If you already have a signature scent, leave a comment below with your favorite perfume. My top three are Hypnose, Faerie, and Jean Paul Gaultier! :) Enjoy!

feminization mistress

One Girl’s Mega Perfume Collection:

Mistress Shelly’s Sissy Salon Open House

feminizerGet Hooked on the Feminizer Machine!

Greetings Jezebels… a few of you have emailed asking how to meet with me in the virtual world. Go to IMVU and get a guest account. Add me: HypnoMistressShelly. I will be online off and on all weekend. If you see me on, request to chat with me. I would love to give you a free tour of the Sissy Salon. If you have what is called an AP (Access Pass) account, you can also take a quick tour of the Kinky Dungeon! That room is for guests 18+ Only. So, you must have a verified account to get in. You’re going to LOVE what I’ve created for you. Tonight I created a special Sissy Cell… Check out the new images below. See you in the virtual world!

feminization mistress

sissy room

grand view 2

Virtual World: Mistress Shelly’s Sissy Salon Mansion & Kinky Dungeon

mistress shellys sissy salon

Mistress Shelly’s Sissy Salon

Greetings Sissies… do I have something exciting in store for you! I’ve spent all week setting up a new Mistress Mansion Sissy Salon & Kinky Fantasy Dungeon in the virtual world! This is a great way to spend time with me for girl chat or training! What you need to know: The Sissy Mansion and Fantasy Dungeon are private rooms I have created to spend exclusive time together.  A lot of thought and detail has gone into each scene to make it special for you. Book a Session Here

Why I think you’ll especially love the virtual world:

  • There are no limits. Let your imagination run wild!
  • What an awesome way for your inner femme to explore freely.
  • Try on a thousand different outfits! See how you look in long hair, short hair, black hair, or maybe even pink hair!
  • You’ll meet awesome people in the chat rooms.
  • We can hang out and play together, chat together, and even train together!
  • There are a million different worlds/scenes to explore


The Tour: Mistress Shelly’s Sissy Salon

The Sissy Salon has just about everything you could want to explore as a woman. Hang out with me, enjoy some girl chat. Get your hair and makeup done. Get a manicure and pedicure. Relax in a nice warm rose petal bath. Sit at the bar and let’s gossip like the girlfriends we are! Or we could hang out by the pool and just chill. It’s up to you. The point of spending time together at the Sissy Salon is just to let your inner femme explore, have some fun, relax, and most of all it’s a place where you can be yourself with someone who understands you and accepts you for who you are. I can’t wait to see you there! FYI: You can have a regular guest account to visit the Sissy Salon, although you won’t be able to see all of the furniture. To see everything, you will need to setup an AP account, which is age verified.

Feeling Kinky? Come Visit My Dungeon!

mistress shellys fantasy dungeon

The Tour: Mistress Shelly’s Kinky Fantasy Dungeon:

Mistress Shelly’s Kinky Dungeon is 18+ ONLY! If you want to visit the Kinky Dungeon, you’ll have to get an AP account on IMVU. Once you’re at the dungeon, we can do anything your heart desires. Yes, it is the virtual world, but Mistress will expect you to bring toys to our session, real toys! Get ready to obey my every whim! I will use you, and abuse you as the kinky sissy you are! Book Your Session

What other types of experiences would you like to have in the virtual world? Let me know! I look forward to seeing you there….

feminization mistress

All Sessions are Conducted on IMVU



free mp3

Ashley George

ashley george

ashley george

Tranny of the Week: Ashley George

If you’d like to see more of Ashley visit her official website: CLICK HERE

Lip Injections: Should You Get Them?

lip injection gigi gorgeous

Lip Injections by, Gigi Gorgeous

Lip injections, are they for you? Check out this video by, Gigi Gorgeous! You can see from her before and after pictures that her lip injections really gave her face a boost! Definitely check out her youtube channel above for some transition inspiration! What a gorgeous girl. Enjoy!

feminization mistress

Happy New Year Sissies

happy new year40PERCENT

Greetings Jezebels… The last year has passed by so quickly. As we begin the new year, I wish for each and every one of you happiness, good health, and more fun than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

What are your dreams for 2014?

As we start out 2014 it is a great time to make some New Year’s Resolutions. If you are serious about achieving any goals this year, you might want to consider a custom hypnosis program! Nothing will keep you on track like the sound of my voice implanted deep within your mind. Want to lose weight? Attract a soulmate? Travel? Get a better job? Let me know! I’m glad to help you out. During the month of January, ALL Custom Audio Programs are 40% OFF. Pick yours up today!

custom hypnosis program  CUSTOM - HYPNOTIC LOOPS  sub trainer

feminization mistress

The Ultimate Feminization Hypnosis Program

feminization hypnosis

The Ultimate Feminization Program!

Greetings Jezebels! It’s a BRAND NEW YEAR! This year is your year! It’s time for you to finally realize all of your Feminization Dreams! I’ve created an amazing Feminization Program to help you do just that! The Ultimate Feminization Program has two super awesome audio files for you to listen to. The first one is a self exploration session that will help you unlock your core desires regarding becoming the woman you wish to be! The second file is a extra long subliminal trainer that you can use daily to help you remain focused on your goals. The worksheets (which I’m SUPER excited about, because they’re soo cool and FUN!) will help you get your ideas and goals out of your head an onto paper! You can use these worksheets throughout the entire year! Refer back to them often to keep yourself on track and see how much progress you’ve already made!

This Program Includes

1. Two Audio Files (Track 1. Full Length Feminization Exploration Session, Track 2. The Utlimate Feminization Sub Trainer, Extended Version)

2. Three Feminization Worksheets

3. Limited Time Offer – Purchase between December 31, and Jan 7 – Get TWO FREE Feminization Files of your choice! *

This Program Will Help You:

1. Discover what you already love about yourself. Never underestimate the power of gratitude. Yes, this includes being happy about where you are right now on your feminization journey. It’s the best place to start, My Dear. It’s time for you to become a Gratitude Goddess!

2. Discover the areas you MOST want to make progress in. I’m not talking about the surface superficial things but instead, the things that really matter deep down inside! If you know what matters the most, you can focus on that and make some REAL changes this year!

3. Get in tune with your ULTIMATE Feminization Fantasy. In your wildest dreams… who are you 12 months from now?

4. Decide if you are ready to take this journey. There is no point in starting unless you are fully committed to becoming the woman of your dreams. During the meditation you will find out just how ready you are.

5. See clearly what blocks (mental or physical) are in your way, and help you remove them once and for all!

6. Set into motion an action plan!

7. Keep track of your goals and accomplishments.

8. Help you set rewards for yourself for extra incentive.

9. Figure out YOUR FEMME MANTRA! Discover what unique message you need to hear when you’re feeling down or lost on your Femme Path.

10. Accountability! Putting things down on paper and taking the time to map them out will help you hold yourself accountable for your goals, dreams and desires. They will no longer be abstract ideas.

* Special Offer $79.98 VALUE - From now until January 7th, when you purchase The Ultimate Feminization Program, you will get TWO FREE FILES of YOUR CHOICE (up to $39.99 each) to use along with this program.

I hope you love it! I just know you will! Pick up your copy now!

feminization mistress

The Ultimate Cock Sucker Hypnosis Program

the ultimate cock sucker offer

The Ultimate Cock Sucker Hypnosis Program!

Greeting Sissies! Are you ready to start the new year out right? For all of my little cock sucking, sissy sluts, I’ve created a super fun and interactive program. This program will help you set your cock sucking goals into motion. If you thought you were obsessed before, think again! Download The Ultimate Cock Sucker Program Here

This Program Includes:

1. Two Audio Files (1. The Ultimate Cock Sucker Session. 2. The Ultimate Cock Sucker Sub Trainer)

2. Three Interactive Worksheets (Including Goal Setting, Brainwashing Exercises, and a Super Fun Score Sheet!)

3. Limited Time Offer – Purchase between December 31, and Jan 7 – Get TWO FREE Feminization Files of your choice! *

This Program Will:

1. Cause you to become completely obsessed with sucking cock.

2. Make you want to keep track of every cock you suck!

3. Turn you into my prize pupil! Turn in copies of your worksheets for extra credit and Shelly Bucks!

4. Have you daydreaming about every man you meet. You’ll constantly be sizing cocks up in your mind!

5. Make you set cock sucking goals.

6. Help you figure out which steps to take to make your cock sucking goals & dream come true!

7. Make you follow through with meeting those goals.

* Special Offer $79.98 VALUE - From now until January 7th, when you purchase The Ultimate Cock Sucking Program, you will get TWO FREE FILES of YOUR CHOICE (up to $39.99 each) to use along with this program.

You’re going to love this program! I can’t wait to hear all about your experiences using it! Pick up your copy HERE

feminization mistress

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