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Pillow Sex Sissy Slut

pillow sex sissy slut

Pillow Sex Sissy Slut

Pillow sex is a great activity for a sissy slut such as yourself. This Freak Flag Friday, pull out your favorite pillow and ride that bitch like a donkey! Imagine that you are sitting on top of a super hunk and he’s plowing his cock into your sissy asshole! Doesn’t fucking your pillow make you feel so feminine? Touch yourself, sissy! Moan. Loudly! Then moan some more! When you close your eyes, you will automatically become lost in a wonderland of pillow lust and kinky naughtiness!

feminization mistress

pillow sex sissy slut

Need some extra help getting turned on, pet? Check out the products below! They are sure to set your imagination on fire!

Erotic Audio Downloads:


Casual Date Night Makeup Tutorial


datenightCasual Date Night Makeup Tutorial

Casual date night makeup – What looks best? Check out this awesome tutorial from Michelle Phan. You might recognize her from recent Dr. Pepper ads. She is a makeup blogger who has tons of awesome makeup tutorial videos! Be sure to look her up on youtube in your spare time! In the meantime, if you have an evening date coming up but it’s not formal, you’re probably wondering what kind of makeup you should wear. Less is  is more! The last thing you want is to look hookerish on a casual night out. Let me know what you think of the tutorial, babes!

feminization mistress

Anal Sissy Slut

bejeweled buttplug

anal sissy slut

Anal Sissy Slut Training

Do you long to be an anal sissy slut? I know that you do, pet. This weekend you have all sorts of time to spoil yourself and play with your little sissy asshole! I think that you should do it! See what it feels like to be filled up inside. Oh, I can only imagine all of the endless possibilities. Anal beads, plugs, hairbrush, cucumber, carrot, beer bottle! Don’t make fun! A real sissy can turn any object into a sex toy! When a girl’s gotta play, a girl’s gotta play! Electric toothbrush… what else? Mistress is curious, what’s the strangest and freakiest thing you’ve ever used as a sex toy? I am dying to hear all about it! Email me, or comment below!

feminization mistress

Not sure where to start? Try one of these programs:

ANAL PLEASURE submissive anal slut sissy feminization

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Holly Harlow: Weekly Shemale


Holly Harlow! Shemale of the Week

Like what you see? Check out more of Holly Harlow HERE

feminization mistress

holly harlow ts

Secrets of the Living Dolls Documentary

secrets of the living dolls

secrets of the living dolls

Secrets of the Living Dolls – Documentary

Secrets of the Living Dolls – If you haven’t already seen this documentary, check it out! I think many of you will love it. One thing you will learn, you are definitely not alone. In my experience I have found, men from all walks of life enjoy dressing up en femme. Maybe not to the extreme as shown in this documentary. However, that being said: Tons of men dress up! Think about it. Is it really even that strange? If you look back over our history, there have been many periods where men dressed up, often wearing makeup, masks, wigs, etc. In our society today clothing for men can seem quite boring and dull. Enter into any department store and you will find this to be the case. About 80% of the floor space is women’s clothing. Then back in a corner, men’s clothes. It’s no wonder why so many men are interested in finding new ways to explore their individuality and express themselves with any fashion they see fit.

Now, sit back and grab a bag of popcorn. Enjoy the show!

Also, check out my  Sissy Doll Post

feminization mistress

All Men Keep Secrets…


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Site Wide – $25 Feminization Sale


Site Wide Savings Alert - Buy any file ($49.99 or under) for just $25! Buy 4, Get one more FREE! Use Coupon Code: BIG25. Sale is for a limited time. When you see this coupon removed from the front page of the store, it’s gone. :) Now, go pick out your goodies!

* This is an exclusive offer. It can not be combined with any other promotions or discounts. Coupon code must be placed in the “special notes” section of your order so I receive it.

feminization mistress

Special Request Saturday – Winner Announced!



sissy contest

Special Thanks to Everyone!

Thank you soooo much for all of the awesome entries into my contest over the weekend for Special Request Saturday! I was going to write all of your names down and put them in an actual hat, until I found this awesome random name generator online! I took screen captures of the drawing. As you can see above, the results are in. The winner is, SCOTT!

Scott’s Entry: My ultimate session would be one of submission. I would want to submit to you, Mistress Jezebel. I, like others here, am in the closet about this side of my personality, so I would want it to be something done in private, but that would subtly affect me during the rest of the time.

It would be a guided masturbation session, where I would be forced to submit to you. There would be elements of sissification to help establish my subservience to you. Also elements of BDSM, like maybe light to medium CBT, to remind me of my place. You would force me to subject myself to pain and humiliation to earn the reward of touching my cock. In the end I would be forced to let go of my cock and fuck myself in the ass with a vibrator till I came. Making me eat my own cum would be a nice finishing touch.

Doing all of this, though, would turn me on incredibly and be addictive. There would be triggers so that each time I listen I’d fall even deeper into submission. And it would stick with me, increasing my desire to fuck my ass till I would be addicted to having a dildo in my ass, increasing my desire to masturbate and swallow my own cum, and increasing my desire to follow your commands, until I would be obsessed.

So, how’s that for a session? A little much? I hope not, I would love to see a tease that incorporates parts if not all of these things.

Thank you so much for your hard work Mistress!! You’re the best!!


What do you think of Scott’s request?

So, what I told you is that the winner would receive $50. What I didn’t tell you is that EVERYONE who played would get a $10 Gift Certificate! Which makes you all winners. Thanks again for playing! Off to the studio I go!

feminization mistress


Naked Face: Neutral Makeup

natural makeup

natural makeup

Natural Makeup Tutorial

Another awesome turorial by Makeup Geek. I love how pretty she is. You can certainly learn a lot from her when it comes to applying makeup! If you experiment with this look, send in your photos! I’d love to see your natural look!

feminization mistress

Sissy Cock Sucker – Training Sessions

sissy cock sucker

sissy cock sucker

Sissy Cock Sucker – Training Sessions

I get it, you’re a sissy cock sucker! You want more “cock sucking” training sessions! Based on what you see on Studio Jezebel, you can probably guess that cock sucking  is the most popular topic. It is what I get the MOST requests for, non stop!

In the last 13 years, including custom audios, I would estimate I’ve made over 1000 cock sucking programs. There are probably over 100 prerecorded cock sucking files on the site. That being said, if there is something  you want that is not offered, let me know! By let me know, I mean, BE SPECIFIC! Don’t just email saying, “add more cock sucking files!” That doesn’t help me help you! :)

Now that we  have cleared that up… as I said before, I will be in my studio all of this upcoming week. Send me your UNIQUE cock sucking ideas.

  • What do you want these files to DO to you!?
  • Do you want fantasy sessions with post hypnotic cock sucking triggers?
  • Do you want plain brainwashing files?
  • Do you want GAY elements?
  • Do you have anything unique to say on this topic?????

One of my most favorite cock suckers, whom I’ve featured on this site recently sent me this comment… perhaps it will give you some inspiration when requesting a cock sucking file idea of your own.

Well, YOU asked !!! What can i say, a girl wants what a girl wants…. To make it a little different, how about reinforcing that whenever I’m sucking away, my breast forms will feel real, my wig will feel like real hair, and i’ll feel absolutely like a g.g. !!

Now, that’s helpful! So, Sandy wants a file with some SPECIFIC elements. That, I can do! What’s your ultimate cock sucking training file, or session? Comment and let me know!

feminization mistress

Do You Need Training, Sissy? Let Me Help! Freebie Offer. Act Now!


Do you need training, Sissy? Well, do you? It all depends. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to look more feminine?
  • Do you want to feel more feminine?
  • Do you want to walk more feminine?
  • Do you want to talk more feminine?
  • Do you want to learn how to dress yourself properly?
  • Do you want more confidence as a woman?
  • Do you want to know what it feels like to have sex as a woman?
  • Do you want to learn how to attract a lover as a woman?
  • Do you want to improve yourself as a woman?
  • Do you (either temporarily or full time) want to BECOME a woman?

If you answered yes to 3 or more questions above, then you most likely need training! I can help!

The last thing you want (especially if you plan to go outside dressed en femme) is to stand out for the WRONG reasons! I often see noobies make the same mistakes.

    • The wrong clothing choices for their body.
    • Hairstyles that looks dated.
    • Way too much makeup! The wrong color of makeup! Just because you have red lipstick, does not mean you should wear it with every outfit, and perhaps not at all.
    • Shoes that are cheesy, clunky and make your feet look bigger.
    • Shoulder pads! OMG this is the worst!
    • The wrong size breast forms.
    • Tacky, cheesy, tranny sense of fashion.

The list goes on. Now, that is in the real world, and I understand it takes time to learn how to look polished and put together. Especially if you’re working with a masculine body. That being said…

Over the last two weeks I’ve conducted over 50 chat sessions with sissies just like yourself online in the virtual world. What I have noticed is very interesting. One would think, in the virtual world with a perfect female avatar and endless choices for hair, makeup, and clothing – that every sissy who comes into my salon would be a hot 10. Instead, what I’ve been seeing time and time again are 3′s and 4′s at best!

It makes me wonder, are some of you so eager to get dressed up that you are being careless with your choices? Or do you really not have a clue how to edit your look so that you are polished, sexy, and beautiful?

imvu free offer

In real life, I can spend hours shopping for the perfect outfit! Sometimes, in the virtual world it is no different. When I’m looking for clothing for my avatar, I may try on up to 40 different looks before I find something I like. Then, I move on to accessories. Sometimes, finding the right accessories takes even longer than the outfit itself!

The point I’m trying to make is this: If you want to be the best feminine version of yourself possible, it takes time, training, and an eye for DETAIL! It takes PRACTICE! The virutal world is an excellent place for you to practice putting outfits together, trying out different makeup looks, and hairstyles, etc.

I’ve had over 35 years of time of being a fashionista! Let me share my experience with you! Let me train you. Let me guide you. You can use all the help you can get! If you are serious about your femininity, you will take the time to do it right! You will invest in yourself and your training. Are you ready?

My Freebie Offer to You - Purchase ANY regular priced training session from the site, and get one FREEBIE Virtual World Session on me. This is a $40 value! Come dressed. I will evaluate your look, and point out to you what choices you’ve made that are working for you, and which choices you’ve made that are spoiling your look and making you stand out in all the wrong ways! I will make clothing suggestions for you, and explain the logic behind them.

Joining IMVU (the virtual world) is FREE! I suggest you purchase some credits to buy clothing… check this site for CHEAP tokens: Anshex

Hurry! You only have 24 hours to get in on this offer! Offer expires Monday 1/27 at midnight EST.

Place any order in my shop Use code: IMVUFASHION in the special notes section of your order. I will contact you to setup your FREEBIE Session! Let’s begin your training, shall we? :)

feminization mistress

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