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Feminization of Ken

feminized ken

feminized ken becomes barbie 1

The Feminization of Ken

Greetings Sissies! Today, I  thought I would share this awesome photo set with you, by photographer, Dina Goldstein. Perhaps you can relate? Dina explains, “‘In the Dollhouse’ examines the less than perfect life of B and K. B is a super doll, the most successful doll in the world. Her partner Ken is grappling with his sexuality and finds himself in a loveless marriage. He struggles with his position in the household and faces his lack of authenticity”

feminized ken eating breakfast

If you’re struggling with your femininity, don’t feel like you’re the only one. Perhaps the woman of your life is having similar feelings of letdown and  wishing things could be different.

feminized ken in bath

Perhaps you are both dreaming of a more masculine lover???

feminized ken in bed

Question is, which of you will act on your true desires first? Don’t let Barbie catch you with some random dude! Give the woman in your life the respect she deserves. Give your relationship the respect it deserves.

feminized ken becomes gay

Be honest… if being a Sissy is your dream, follow it. Set yourself and your Barbie free! :) Or, at the very least, cue her in to your desires.. you never know, she just may join you!


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Be honest… if being a Sissy is your dream, follow it. Set yourself and your Barbie free! :)


Girls Who Are Boys, Who Like Boys to be Girls…

girls who are boys

Girls Who Are Boys – Like Boys to be Girls!

Greetings Sissies! Today, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite songs from childhood! At the time I had no idea what the lyrics meant, but I sure do now! ;) Listen and droll.

feminization mistress

“Girls And Boys”

Street’s like a jungle
So call the police
Following the herd
Down to Greece
On holiday
Love in the 90′s
Is paranoid
On sunny beaches
Take your chances looking for[Chorus]
Because there’s none available
Like battery thinkers
Count your thoughts on 1 2 3 4 5 fingers
Nothing is wasted
Only reproduced
Get nasty blisters
Du bist sehr schon
But we haven’t been introduced


How To: Paint Your Toenails

painted toenails

how to paint your toenails

Greetings Sissy! Winter time is here so it’s a fantastic time for closet sissies to paint their toenails! After all, the only person who will see them is you! I found a fantastic tutorial on youtube to share with you. Funny, the title is paint your toenails for summer! LOL I hope you enjoy it!

Paint Your Toenails – 10 Tips

1. Always use toenail separators.

2. For beginners, always use a light toenail polish to start with. Any unwanted marks won’t be as noticeable.

3. Don’t let any air blow on your nails while painting them. That way your nail polish will distribute evenly.

4. Choose a nail polish with a short and thin brush. It will be much easier to apply your nail polish to your toes.

5. Start with a base coat. Finish with a top coat.

6. Use your thumbnail to remove any unwanted polish.

7. Use a small nail clipper to create a square look.

8. Wear your toenail separator for about 30 minutes after painting. This allows the paint to fully dry.

9. Avoid putting on shoes for at least an hour after painting your nails.

10. ENJOY!

While painting our own toenails is a great idea, it’s way more fun to get a  pedicure at a local salon! Try this file below to get yourself motivated to go to the salon! :)

feminization mistress

page break

PEDICURE - SUB TRAINERPEDICURE – Don’t you just love going to the nail salon and getting your feet pedicured? I know that I do. Imagine that you’re sitting in the pedicure chair right now. Feel your feet being covered in warm, soapy water. You will make an appointment to get your feet a pedicure. The instant that you feel the warm water on your feet every cell in your body will relax.

One of your favorite parts of the experience is choosing your favorite nail color. Pink makes you feel soft, romantic, and flirtatious. Red makes you feel bold, daring, passionate and sensual. A French manicure makes you feel elegant, classy and sophisticated. However, you are not limited to these colors alone. You will find an entire wall filled with colors to choose from. Let your inner femme do the picking.

It is time for you to make your appointment. You are obsessed with getting pedicures. You are looking forward to this luxurious experience. You simply must follow through because you are looking forward to how feminine you feel when you look down at your painted toes.


Sissy: Deep Throat Cock Sucker!

deep throat cock sucking

You Long to be a Deep Throat Cock Sucker!

Greetings Sissy! This “Freak Flag Friday” I suggest you allow yourself to explore some good, old fashioned deep throat cock sucking pleasure! Whether you end up with a partner or you find yourself alone practicing on a dildo, banana, or whatever else you have… I hope you will be inspired by this little animated gif and sample loop I’ve created for you… If you already have my DEEP THROAT training file, USE IT! If you don’t have it, GET IT! :)

Deep Throat - Loop Deep Throat Cock Sucker Training - Just about any girl can give a decent blowjob, but only a select few can deep throat! You pride yourself on being one of those girls! A girl who can take a cock like a pro, and swallow every last inch, devour that meat stick! Oh how good it tastes in your mouth. Lean back and take all of it. Worship it. You are obsessed with being a naughty little slut. You are addicted to deep throat cock pumping action. It’s what you live for. Use this hypnotic training loop to further your need for cock and cum. Let it help you learn to relax and enjoy being the best little slut you can possibly be. The very thought of it makes your pussy dripping wet, doesn’t it? Mmm… now that’s what Mistress likes. Be a good girl!

If you’re serious about becoming a deep throat, sissy cock sucker… DOWNLOAD my Deep Throat training program right now, Sweetie!

Now, I realize not all of you are cock suckers (yet). But at the end of the day, you should be! In the real world, I hardly know any girls (even the lesbian ones) who haven’t given at least one blowjob in their lifetime! Consider it part of your feminization initiation. At the very least you better be prepared to practice cock sucking with a strap-on. Your throat was made to be penetrate & pounded. I suggest you explore this concept over the weekend. :) Mmm..


deep throat blowjob 2

shemale training

Shemale Hypnosis. Ladyboy Erotic Audio Porn!

shemale hypnosis

shemale hypnosis erotic ladyboy audio porn

Shemale Hypnosis – Erotic Ladyboy Audio Porn

Greetings Sissies! How do you feel about Shemale Hypnosis for straight guys? Mistress has a very exciting surprise in store for you… I’m creating a brand new section in the store dedicated to Shemale / Tranny worship. What do you think? Who is excited? What is your ultimate shemale, ladyboy, tranny fantasy? PLEASE leave a COMMENT BELOW. It will help me create content based on what you truly desire.


Shemale Tranny Cock, Erotic Audio & Brainwashing Hypnosis Files
Who is excited??

Update: The Shemale Hypnosis for Straight Guys section is up! CLICK HERE

shemale hypnosis

Yummy, yummy, shemale! How do you feel when you look at this image? Ha ha, it makes me feel hot and bothered. Imagine worshipping this Tranny Goddess. Can you feel your lips wrapped around her sissy cock? I bet you can! Let me know what you think of the new shemale hypnosis programs, girls! ;)

How To: M2F Tucking Tutorial

m2f tuck

m2f tucking tutorial

M2F Tucking Tutorial

Greetings Sissy Girls! Today I thought I would share a really great tutorial on M2F tucking. This video below will help you be prepared to go out as a female. It is by petrilude on Youtube. Be sure to check out her channel. She’s got some wicked cool M2F tutorials and she’s super gorgeous! Enjoy the video.

feminization mistress

Celebrate New Prices!

celebrate sissy feminization

Greeting Sissies! I have super exciting news for you!!! For the last few months I’ve been working on a very special site update, and it’s finally complete. Go take a look at the online shop. All of the prices have been adjusted. You can now get trainers starting at just $9.99! Plus, over 75% of the programs on site are on sale this month for just $19.99 each! New Release files are as low as $39.99!

I couldn’t think of a better month to debut the new prices. This month I will be reflecting on all of the fun I’ve had building this site, and how grateful I am for each and every one of you! So, THANK YOU for all of your years of loyalty and support. This site would be nothing without you. Enjoy the new prices!


Erotic Feminization Escape

hotel masturbation

Greetings Sissy! Perhaps it is time you plan a weekend for yourself to explore your inner femme. I suggest the following:

pinklove The Venue – Book yourself a fancy hotel room or suite. Choose the best that you can afford. A dream hotel, fully equipped with room service! You deserve to feel like a celebrity on holiday.

pinklove The Goodies - Pack all of your fancy femme clothing. Perhaps even splurge on some new things. Don’t forget your makeup, wig, shoes, pantyhose, and toys! You won’t want to be without some sexy toys!

pinklove The Entertainment – Download a bunch of Erotic Feminization files so you can play, and then play some more! Explore your body as a woman. Every last sexy inch. Ohh La La!

erotic masturbation 1erotic masturbation 4

pinklove Socialize – Have some fun exploring as a woman in live chat rooms online. Perhaps you could even find a partner to play with on the phone. Or better yet, someone who is longing to meet you in your hotel room! Doesn’t that sound like fun?

pinklove Indulge – Treat yourself with drinks, delicious food, and sexy clothing. Allow yourself to get completely into character. Feel the woman within. Let her come out and be whoever she wants to be. No judgment. Just pure, uninhibited, bliss filled self exploration.

Imagine how great it’s going to feel. Make sure while you’re playing your with your femme pussy that you moan loudly. You never know who might be listening outside or in the room next door.

What are you waiting for, Doll? I say, hop to it! Start making plans for your erotic escape now. Until next time, Love.


How To: Choose the Right Pantyhose

how to choose pantyhose crossdresser

how to choose pantyhose crossdresser

Greetings Sissy! There is nothing to make you feel more feminine than slipping into a pair of soft and silky pantyhose. Oh how they hug  your body like a second skin. Below is a quick guide to help you choose the right pair for you!

pinkloveSizing – Before you go to buy a pair of pantyhose weigh and measure yourself. Each manufacturer will have a sizing guide on the back of the pantyhose packaging. Generally they go by height and weight. Never buy a pair of pantyhose that are too small for you as you will likely rip them when putting them on. Not to mention, they will be extremely uncomfortable and will wear out much sooner. If you are on the border between two sizes, opt for the larger size.

pinkloveColor – Determine ahead of time where  you will be wearing your pantyhose. Think nude for casual or work. Black when you want to turn the heat up on an outfit and make it look more edgy and sexy. White for super formal occasions. Colored nylons are fun when you want to show your personality. Though if you’re going to go with a color, I highly recommend wearing tights instead. Remember when you wear nude nylons to match them as closely as possible to your skin.

pinkloveSelect a Fit – Control top pantyhose are an excellent choice if you’re wearing tight fitting clothing. They give your body just the right amount of support it needs to look curvalicious. Make sure if you’re going to purchase any type of slimming pantyhose  you buy the correct size, or they’ll just make you look fat! God knows, you don’t want that.

nylon opacity chart

pinkloveOpacity – Choose which opacity works for you, keeping in mind the thinner the nylons are, the easier they’ll snag and run! Sheer and Ultra Sheer are very thin, but great choices for when you want to look as natural as possible and still give your legs that extra smoothing out and even toned look. If you’re planning to work in your pantyhose or move around a lot, opt for a more dense opacity.

pinkloveCost – Don’t skimp when it comes to your pantyhose. A great pair is worth their weight in gold! Buy the best you can afford.

pantyhose with open toe sandals

pinkloveOpen Toed Shoes – As a general rule, don’t wear nylons with sandals or opened toed shoes unless you know what you’re doing and you’re doing it on purpose to make a fashion statement.

I hope these tips will help you out! If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask me in the comments below or email me!


Happy Halloween!



Greetings Sissy! Happy Halloween! On this wickedly special holiday I have some exciting TREATS for you! Don’t worry about being bored. I’ve got you covered.

1. The Feminization Lounge will be open from 3pm – 5pm, and 9pm-11pm EST! Drop by and say hello!

2. Streaming Room -  Halloween Feminization Audio! I’ve set up a special page where you can listen to my Bewitching file. It’s perfect for Halloween.

The Streaming Room is a password protected page. You can gain access to it between now and November 7th, then it expires. I am thinking about adding the Streaming Room as a weekly feature. Let me know what you think?


Bewitching - Streaming Audio BewitchingIt was an ordinary night just like any other Saturday night. You arrived at your local bar looking for a good time. You noticed her immediately, the most magnificent female you had ever laid your eyes upon. She looked at you, her eyes gazing deep into your eyes. You walked towards her like a moth to a flame.

When it was time to leave the bar you knew you were going to get lucky but you had no idea how lucky! I’d say lucky indeed.

As the two of you are driving down a long and winding country road, you reached down to feel between her thighs, and you got quite a surprise – hairy legs, that were getting harrier by the second. You looked over and saw that this beautiful creature was turning into a werewoman! Up until this point you didn’t believe they even existed! But here, right in front of your very eyes, the most beautiful creature you have ever seen is being transformed into a GORGEOUS werewoman!

Your heart began to beat faster and faster. It wasn’t long before you pulled over deep into the forest…

As the fantasy continues… you are lead into a deep cave that belongs to the werewoman. Inside she takes complete control of you transforming you into a beautiful woman! Don’t think it’s all dreamy because it isn’t. It wouldn’t be a horror fantasy without some pain! Snip-snip… say goodbye to your manhood! Don’t worry though it isn’t all a terrible experience! Once your penis is gone it is replaced with the most beautiful pussy. What’s a pussy without a cock to penetrate it? And what’s the point of having sex if you don’t get knocked up on the first night! That’s right… not only do you lose your virginity, you get knocked up! Here comes the baby! Ouch! Push!

Expect a roller coaster of emotions and physical sensations.

From now on whenever there is a full moon you will feel like a woman within your mind. Enjoy the gift of transformation!

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