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6. Due to the nature of the products on this site, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No exchanges, returns, or cancellations will be accepted once an order has been placed.

7. Products: All recordings are sent via email in the format of an MP3 UNLESS on your order form you have specifically requested your products be shipped to you on a CD. Our merchant account requires all of the fields in our order form to be filled out completely for verification purposes only. Please allow up to 48 hours for prerecorded links, and up to 6 weeks for custom recordings. The stated time line is an approximation only. For new release files the wait may be slightly longer. If you do not receive your links within the stated time line, please send us an email to notify us you have not received your links. If the product you have purchased for any reason is not available you will be given the option to choose a replacement file. By purchasing any products on this site you agree to these terms.

8. Coupons: All orders are processed manually. In order to be eligible for any coupon you must put your coupon code in the special notes section of your order. The discount will not be reflected in the online shopping cart. It is your responsibility to read the coupon carefully, if you do not understand the terms of the coupon, please ask. If the coupon you enter does not apply to your order or you fail to enter the coupon code you will be charged full price, no exceptions. New release and discontinued files are NOT included in any coupon unless specifically noted on the coupon.

9. This site was built for entertainment purposes only.

10. “Shelly Bucks” may be used on regular priced merchandise only.

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