Forced Feminization


Welcome, Panty Slut!

Studio Jezebel is home to the World’s LARGEST Collection of Gender Transfomation & Forced Feminization Audio! Enter my dominion, pet. Here, you can feel free to release your inner tigress. You know exactly who she is. She is the voice within your mind that reminds you how badly you long and crave to wear panties. You do love panties don’t you? I know that you do.

Mistress may be the only person in the world who not only approves of your panty fetish, but encourages it. In fact, I demand it! You will dress for me, pet, and we will both enjoy it! Yes, I have big plans for you, dear. I’m going to turn you into the sissy girl you’ve always dreamed of becoming. You’re going to crave my attention and personalized sissy training.

Not sure where to start? Try one of these amazing panty slut files!

men in panties men in panties men in panties men in panties men in panties

Imagine spending an afternoon with me. First, I strip you of your manhood leaving you completely vulnerable and naked. Then, I turn you into my personal sissy pet. Oh the pleasure, can you even imagine? I see you now, down on all fours before me. Your body is MY toy, to do with as I see fit! I command you to put on a pair of sexy, hot pink, ruffled panties! Nance around before me, pet. Show me what a good girl you can be. If you’re very good, I may share you with my girlfriends too! I can see you need lots of training and direction.

forced feminization

The tigress withing grows louder! You can not quiet her any longer… You do not wish to quiet her. It is time for that nasty little slut to come out and play! Feel your little clitty getting hard already? Touch it, feel it, enjoy it! Allow that feeling to control you, to consume you, to overpower you. After all, we both know it is what you truly desire.

forced feminizationYes, you are a naughty little SISSY SLUT! It’s time for you to learn how to be the girl we both know you are capable of becoming.  Your Mistress can not wait to begin your transformation. You will do exactly as your are told to do. You will love every single minute of it! Be prepared to get down on your knees, pet. In a short amount of time you will become Mistress Shelly’s SISSY SLUT. Perhaps even my special cum slut, my little cum guzzling whore. That’s right… be careful what you wish for.

Once you surrender to the sound of MY voice, there is no going back. Are you ready to relax? Are you ready for some games? I know that you are, pet.

Your Mistress understands your needs and your desires. Listen to the sample audio below as you browse our BDSM Gallery. Enjoy, Pet! When you are ready to start your training CLICK HERE





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