Hypnotic Feminization by Mistress Shelly

feminization hypnosis

mistressshellyHello, my sweet, submissive, sissy pet. Welcome to MY Dominion. Now that you have found your way to my chamber, be still, relax, listen to the sound of my voice. You will soon forget any Mistress in your past or your present, for I AM YOUR ONE & ONLY TRUE MISTRESS.

You have been longing to surrender to me all of your life. Your search is finally over. I am the one you have dreamed of pleasing. I am the one you have desperately longed for, a true Goddess to worship and obey. You will do anything to prove your worthiness to me. You can not resist, can you, pet? No man can! I know how badly you yearn to confess your darkest secrets to me while shackled and collared at my feet. In time you shall.

I am very pleased you have come to accept that I am superior to you while you humbly acknowledge what a great honor and privilege it is to be trapped in my intricate spider web. Lie perfectly still for me as I wrap my delicate strands of hypnotic silk around your body. You can not wait for me to penetrate your hungry little mind with my delicious venom. Am I right? Oh yes, you know I am! You shall forever savor the moment I empty your mind, and replace your thoughts with my wishes and desires.

You must always address me as Mistress or Goddess and treat me with the highest level of RESPECT. Failure to do so will result in your banishment from my Kingdom.

Never underestimate the power or the magic of your Mistress. I firmly believe in Female Superiority, & Female Domination. As a submissive of mine, you will surrender everything to me. Yes, everything. Your mind, your body, and your soul. Your finances, your ego, and your ability to pleasure yourself and reach climax will belong to me and me alone! Give yourself to me completely, and I will take you to places you have only ever dreamed of. There is an aching feeling that begins to grow inside of you. It consumes you and controls you, just as I am doing at this very moment! Notice that feeling? I know you do. Give in to it now, pet. 

You are mine. Always and forever…

feminization mistress

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