Do You Need Training, Sissy? Let Me Help! Freebie Offer. Act Now!


Do you need training, Sissy? Well, do you? It all depends. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to look more feminine?
  • Do you want to feel more feminine?
  • Do you want to walk more feminine?
  • Do you want to talk more feminine?
  • Do you want to learn how to dress yourself properly?
  • Do you want more confidence as a woman?
  • Do you want to know what it feels like to have sex as a woman?
  • Do you want to learn how to attract a lover as a woman?
  • Do you want to improve yourself as a woman?
  • Do you (either temporarily or full time) want to BECOME a woman?

If you answered yes to 3 or more questions above, then you most likely need training! I can help!

The last thing you want (especially if you plan to go outside dressed en femme) is to stand out for the WRONG reasons! I often see noobies make the same mistakes.

    • The wrong clothing choices for their body.
    • Hairstyles that looks dated.
    • Way too much makeup! The wrong color of makeup! Just because you have red lipstick, does not mean you should wear it with every outfit, and perhaps not at all.
    • Shoes that are cheesy, clunky and make your feet look bigger.
    • Shoulder pads! OMG this is the worst!
    • The wrong size breast forms.
    • Tacky, cheesy, tranny sense of fashion.

The list goes on. Now, that is in the real world, and I understand it takes time to learn how to look polished and put together. Especially if you’re working with a masculine body. That being said…

Over the last two weeks I’ve conducted over 50 chat sessions with sissies just like yourself online in the virtual world. What I have noticed is very interesting. One would think, in the virtual world with a perfect female avatar and endless choices for hair, makeup, and clothing – that every sissy who comes into my salon would be a hot 10. Instead, what I’ve been seeing time and time again are 3′s and 4′s at best!

It makes me wonder, are some of you so eager to get dressed up that you are being careless with your choices? Or do you really not have a clue how to edit your look so that you are polished, sexy, and beautiful?

imvu free offer

In real life, I can spend hours shopping for the perfect outfit! Sometimes, in the virtual world it is no different. When I’m looking for clothing for my avatar, I may try on up to 40 different looks before I find something I like. Then, I move on to accessories. Sometimes, finding the right accessories takes even longer than the outfit itself!

The point I’m trying to make is this: If you want to be the best feminine version of yourself possible, it takes time, training, and an eye for DETAIL! It takes PRACTICE! The virutal world is an excellent place for you to practice putting outfits together, trying out different makeup looks, and hairstyles, etc.

I’ve had over 35 years of time of being a fashionista! Let me share my experience with you! Let me train you. Let me guide you. You can use all the help you can get! If you are serious about your femininity, you will take the time to do it right! You will invest in yourself and your training. Are you ready?

My Freebie Offer to You - Purchase ANY regular priced training session from the site, and get one FREEBIE Virtual World Session on me. This is a $40 value! Come dressed. I will evaluate your look, and point out to you what choices you’ve made that are working for you, and which choices you’ve made that are spoiling your look and making you stand out in all the wrong ways! I will make clothing suggestions for you, and explain the logic behind them.

Joining IMVU (the virtual world) is FREE! I suggest you purchase some credits to buy clothing… check this site for CHEAP tokens: Anshex

Hurry! You only have 24 hours to get in on this offer! Offer expires Monday 1/27 at midnight EST.

Place any order in my shop Use code: IMVUFASHION in the special notes section of your order. I will contact you to setup your FREEBIE Session! Let’s begin your training, shall we? :)

feminization mistress

Special Request Saturday

special request saturday

Win a Free Session – Details Below!

Greetings Ladies, Sissies, & Pets! Today is “Special Request Saturday!” This upcoming week I will be back in the studio working on some amazing new session files, which means I opening up the doors for you to tell me what you want!

What is your DREAM SESSION?

  • Do you want sessions that make you go out and feminize yourself in the real world?
  • Do you want sessions that give you more self confidence as a woman?
  • Do you want sessions that make you a sissy whore?
  • Do you want more “trigger” type sessions?
  • Do you want more “gay” sessions?
  • Do you want more erotic hypnosis and fantasy hypnosis sessions?

Tell me, and I may just make your wish come true!

Email me at:  OR, make a comment below this post. Each person who responds to this survey, will be entered into a contest I will hold on Monday. I will randomly draw (1) winner. That winner will receive a FREE SESSION, valued at $50. Good luck!

* No Purchase Necessary – Drawing is random.

feminization mistress

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Are you ready to get feminized? If you are, head on over to my shop and enjoy this awesome $10 Coupon which could save you hundreds on your transformation! Forced Feminization, Enforced Feminization, Erotic Feminization, Submissive Hypnosis, and Shemale Hypnosis Files are all on sale! From now until Sunday, save $10 OFF each file you purchase with a minimum purchase of just $50! Get as many as you like. Shop Now

Also, my 50% OFF, New Year’s Sale on Custom Audio ends in just a few days! Don’t miss out! If you have a file in mind, you need to get your order to me by the middle of next week. Have a Fantastic weekend girls!

feminization mistress

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