Satin Fetish – New Release!


satin babyStep into a world of fantasy and dreaming. Step into a world of SATIN! Yes, you are addiced to satin. You will soon long to bathe in satin. You love it so much you begin to fill your home with satin. Your panty drawers become filled with satin panties, and your closet filled with satin nighties, robes, and lingerie. Your sheets are made of satin. Your bedspread is made of satin. Your curtains are made of satin. The sight of satin makes you feel so elegant and femme. You can not help but surrender to your feminine desires when you look at, touch, feel, see, or wear satin! Post hypnotic triggers to induce a true satin coma!

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Would you like to see more satin related files? If so, leave me a comment below with your ultimate satin fantasy. I just may turn it into an awesome file!

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Forbidden Zone – New Releae Audio!



FORBIDDEN ZONE – From now on every time you sit down on a public toilet seat you will immediately be transformed into a beautiful, sexy, busty female (inside your mind.) Every time you go to the toilet, triggers remind you that real cocks are being taken out, pants are being unzipped and dropped to the floor. Real, strong, muscular guys are peeing next to your stall and when you hear the stream of pee hitting the water you picture their big fat cocks and it totally turns you on! The smell of cocks in this place is intoxicating. You feel trapped in your stall wondering what these guys would do if they found out that you were sitting there masturbating underneath your sexy panties. You are trapped, like a girl who dared wander into forbidden territory and now fears and dreams of getting taken and used as any man sees fit.
You become so turned on by this fantasy that you find yourself regularly wandering into public restrooms to pleasure yourself. Peek between the cracks in the door to see the sexy, strong, masculine men coming in and out. Imagine them pumping their cocks in and out, deeper. You want that cock don’t you, pet?
feminization mistress


Studio Jezebel – Standard Audio & Video FILES 50%


Valid until Sunday, September 25. Minimum Purchase $100.00

Valid on all standard audio and video files, INCLUDING CUSTOM AUDIO!


Anal Honey


anal honey Oh, Honey! How you love anal sex. You love it so much you’ll fuck yourself with just about anything you can find. A carrot, a hairbrush, a cucumber, a dildo! It doesn’t even matter because you’re addicted to anal sex! Listen to this erotic guided masturbation file that will bring you to the most amazing orgasm ever. Do exactly as Mistress instructs and watch your anal obsession growing by the minute!



Are you ready for a new file Girls? Get ready for a super fun ANAL TRAINER! :)

feminization mistress

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