Messenger One from Goddess – A Feminization Story by Ann Tony

Messenger One from Goddess

Feminization fantasy by AnnTony


She comes every night now, with eager and aim,

determined to hunt down a girly to claim.

When dusk turn to darkness and shadows gets deep,

the flappering wings will be slippery tight,

my doorstep will welcome a guest in the night.

A guest of my honour, in charge of my sleep.


No knocking, no doorbells, she’ll find her way in,

she knows every shallow and fault in my sin.

Her smell is adorable, heavenly mild,

her presence so staggering, breathtaking warm,

it’s shaking my nerves as a longwaiting storm,

and opens my mind like an innocent child.


- I carry a message, she says, – from the one,

the Goddess who owns you, your glimpse of the sun.

She stripes my whole body, with glimmery nail,

the goosebumps are running, like demons from hell,

the truth is her hunter, she’s searching each cell.

- I shall rip you apart if you’re doubting, or fail!


In spite of the warning she handle my cock,

it wakens with pride now, a shivering rock.

I sigh with a groaning of utter delight,

a heartpounding mixture of happily fear

and longing and wanting and painful despair.

But no more release, just like every night.


- Not even this hour, but closing in soon,

your owner will form you inside her cocoon.

Your loyalty matters, but must be approved!

She smiles with a cunningly grin on her lip,

and firmly she changes that stunningly grip.

- Your hideous balls? Well. They will be removed.


She squeezes my balls with a teasingly touch,

the pain comes with teardrops, it thrills me so much.

- You know me by know, I am Messenger One!

She stars in my eyes with her blistering look

I am ready for cooking, like meat on a hook.

- There is no escape route, her will must be done!


- I like your surrender, she smiles with delight, 

 it seems like you learned something, during your fight.

Your mind is so open and ready for play!

She sighs with a pleasure, I can’t make a sound,

I’m all paralyzed and yet stuck to the ground

- So easy to use you and train you her way…


Her voice is an angels, so soothingly sweet,

her laughter is pleased with me, pleased with defeat.

She shows me her fingers, and smile with a touch,

her fingertips slides in and enters my brain,

my mind and my thoughts, and my wish to be drained.

- You want me to change you, I know you that much!


She fingers inside my unconsciously mind,

she’s searching for buttons and dials she can find.

The tip of her finger starts turning the dial,

more beauty, more lipstick, more heartbeat and grace,

compassion and feelings and stockings and lace.

My life as a man? Yes. It worked. For a while…


But now she is turning him off, with some fun,

she turns off the switches for man, one by one.

She glows like a fairy, she moves like an elf,

she’s shaking her beautiful, sunshiny hair.

I’d like her to switch off whatever is there,

indeep of my brainwaves, my mind and my self.


She grabs my one earlobe. - I’ll pinch you a hole,

tomorrow you’ll fill it with bling-bling or gold.

 Eventually, one day, you’ll enter the shrine,

The pain in my earlobe is harsh, but will fade,

and then comes the message that must be obeyed.

- Then twentyfour-seven your girly will shine!


She tickles my nipples, and squeeze them with force,

- There will be no turn-back, there is no remorse,

the path has been chosen, you love her so much!

Your will and your eyesight are last of its kind.

Surrender in that scale is hard now to find.

You’ll justify Goddess, and praise her, as such!


I know how this works, as like every night,

I’m growing more girly, more happy, more bright.

- Now, fifteen more minutes this morning, my pearl…

But here comes the sorrow, we have to apart,

she leaves me all open, with shivering heart. breathe and you walk like a precious girl!


My nipples are poking, my earlobe is sore

I’m stunned like a mesmerized, precious whore.

I sigh with a longing, with lonesomeness fear.

- When will you embrace me, my Goddess of love?

The winds gives the answer, it comes from above:

 -Tomorrow, she whispers, – tomorrow, my dear!

Drag Queen Photo Series by Lelend Bobbe’

drag queen photo

drag queen photo

Drag Queen Photo Series – Transformations

Check out this awesome drag queen photo series! In his Half-Drag series, New York photographer Leland Bobbé captures the two sides of the city’s drag queens — the extravagantly made-up drag divas and the organic men that lie beneath.

Bobbé tells Huffington Post Gay Voices, “Through the power of hair and makeup these men are able to completely transform themselves and find their female side while simultaneously showing their male side.” Shockingly, the identities are composed in camera and are not separate images joined during editing.

Bobbé posted the first portrait of the Half-Drag series on his blog last March, writing, “I got great feedback on the image so I decided to reach out to other drag queens using Facebook as my main means of communication… I’ve now shot four people with many more on the way. We’ll see where this takes me…”

Five months later, the project has taken the award-winning photographer far: It has been featured in Italian Vogue, fashion site Refinery 29, as well as in other websites and blogs from around the world. Bobbé reflects, “This is what the term ‘gone viral’ is all about.”

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