Sissy Doll




Just imagine how much fun we could have if you were all dressed up like a rubber slut!? If you haven’t already seen Rubber Sisters, you must check them out! These sluts make getting dressed up and going out in public an event if I’ve ever seen one! Just think of all the fun you could have if you had your own rubber doll fetish suit!

Oh how I could imagine if you were my personal slave, my real time sissy slut. I imagine I would have to dress you up like a proper slut and parade you around just like these lovely ladies. Take a peek at the sissy rubber doll gallery!


Isn’t this one of the cutest little sissy slut dolls you’ve ever seen? If you think you’d enjoy becoming a rubber doll, sissy slut… check out this amazing MP3 program I created:

RUBBER DOLL - SUB TRAINERDescription: Are you ready to become a true fuck slut? It’s time to get out your latex wear and turn yourself into a rubber doll. This is a very catchy recording that will no doubt be ringing in your mind for some time to come.

The post hypnotic suggestions will program you to become a rubber slut. Whenever you are wearing a rubber catsuit you will begin to feel horny and submissive. You are becoming obsessed with latex as your second skin. Whenever you are dressed in latex you immediately see yourself as a woman, ultra feminine and fuckable!


“I’m a rubber doll. Touch me, fuck me, drive me crazy baby… baby. I’m a rubber doll, don’t you want to touch me baby?”

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